A Silicon eye model for patient demonstrations and impression practice.


We have been involved with the Special Effects industry for over 37 years since our first collaboration with Jim Henson on a wide ranging and amazing list of films.

Cantor and Nissel realised this expertise could be used to help eye care professionals and patients as an aide to explain procedures to patients and their families.

Nelson has proved to be invaluable in showing how to insert and remove lenses and prosthesis, the cosmetic benefits of soft contact lenses and explaining procedures including taking an impression of the eye.

The injection moulding impression method is the best option for fitting prosthesis and scleral lenses providing optimum fit and movement possible.  Nelson provides the option for training and practice in this technique on the perfect ‘patient’.



Easy to Clean and use, the kit comprises of the facial mould with stand and 1 prosthetic eye:

The additional moulding kit contains:

1 - Conformer (representing an enucleated eye surface)
1 - Injection moulding shell
1 - 10ml syringe
5 - 10g single use sachets of Alginate
1 - Watertight container
1 - Instruction leaflet
1 - Guide to the fitting of scleral lenses booklet


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