Nissel Sixteen-50

The new standard in large diameter rigid contact lenses.


An easy to fit, large diameter RGP lens, which can be fitted on both regular and irregular corneas.  This very comfortable lens is fitted by using the single use trial lenses available in a 12 lens fitting set.


  • Vaults cornea & limbus maintaining a fluid reservoir between lens & cornea
  • Lens protects ocular surface
  • Fitting based on sagittal height


  • Easy to fit
  • 12 lens fitting set avaiable
  • Can be used for normal eyes with dry eye syndrome or soft lens intolerance
  • For use with:
    - Ocular surface disease
    - Post refractive surgery
    - Keratoconus
    - Pellucid marginal degeneration
    - Corneal transplants
    - Kerato-globus 
Material contamac_400 optimum_extra_400  Focon III 4
Permeability (Dk) 100 x 10 -11
Power Range -30.00D to +30.00D (0.25D Steps)
Higher powers may be available



  • Full refraction and eye examination
  • Keratometry
  • Select initial trial lens from fitting set 
Lenses 1 - 7    Lenses 8 - 12
Eyes with approximately normal sagittal depth   Eyes with deeper sagittal height
Normal eyes (dry eye / soft lens intolerance)   Keratoconus
Ocular surface disease   Pellucid marginal degeneration
Post refractive surgery   Corneal transplants

Insertion of lens & initial assessment

  • Rinse and fill lens before insertion with non-preserved saline
  • Insert a drop of fluorescein into lens
  • Place a towel on patients lap / counter
  • Instruct patient to lean forward and tilt their head down to place the scleral lens on the eye so that the solution remains in the lens
  • Patients can handle lens with either a plunger or by balancing the lens in a tripod between the thumb, index and middle finger
  • Small insertion bubbles are of no consequence, but larger bubbles will disrupt both vision and comfort
  • A yellow written filter with cobalt illumination is essential for accurate evaluation
  • Check that the landing zone is aligned with conjunctiva 360o around sclera
  • Allow lens to settle for 20 - 30 minutes 

Ideal Fit

  • All weight / pressure should be on the sclera
  • Lens should completely vault the cornea & limbus
  • Large amount of apical clearance (200 microns) wich should extend beyond the limbal area
  • The peripheral alignment / bearing of the lens should be uniform around the lens
  • Carry out over-refraction
  • Order lens

Poor Fit

  • If large air bubble under lens - remove and insert again
  • If apical touch present, try lens with larger sag
  • If balancing try a lens with a smaller sag

Lens Removal

  • A plunger can be used  on the inside edge of the lens
  • The lower lids can be used to lift the contact lens edge

A 12 Sixteen-50 lens fitting set is available*

Lens   1   2   3   4   5   6   7       8   9   10   11   12
Code   F3    F2    F1    A    S1    S2    S3          K1    K2    K3    K4    K5
SAG (mm)    3.35   3.45   3.55   3.65   3.80   3.95   4.10       4.20   4.30   4.40   4.55   4.70
K Reading   8.60   8.35   8.10   7.85   7.60   7.35   7.10                        
  Normal and median depth eyes Keratoconus and high depth eyes
* A registered account with Cantor & Nissel is required.  


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