Nissel KII Rigid

RGP lens for successful management of Keratoconus


A highly successful aberration controlled RGP lens for the management of Keratoconus.  The availability of a single use trial set helps to reduce chair time.


  • System of management for Keratoconus in modern hospital and specialist clinic environments
  • Single use trial lenses
  • Diagnostic set sucessfully fits approx. 80% of Keratoconic patients


  • No-cost replacement trials
  • Unique adaptive back surface geometry
  • Aberration control optics provide best visual acuity in all lighting levels
Material contamac_400 optimum_comfort_400 Focon III 3
Permeability (Dk) 65 x 10 -11
Base Curve (mm) Steepest available 4.80
Diameter (mm) 8.10, 8.40
(standard) 8.70
9.00, 9.30
Edge Lift
(0.03mm = 1 step) 
Increased 1 Step
Increased 2 Step
Decreased 1 Step
Decreased 2 Step
Power Range -30.00 to +30.00 (0.25D steps)
Material Colour (Standard) Blue


  • Full refraction and eye examination
  • Keratometry / Topography
  • From the 8.70mm diameter fitting set select the lens having a base curve 0.30mm steeper than average 'K' / Flat Sim 'K' or closest lens to this value 



Good Fit

  • Central position
  • Small amount of apical clearance or very light apical touch
  • Good edge clearance - 0.50 to 0.80mm
  • Smooth movement - lid lifts lens with blink, lens then falls slowly


  Acceptable fit showing minimal apical clearance


  Acceptable fit showing light apical (3-point) touch

Central Fit Assessment

  • Steep Lens - Excessive apical clearance - may reduce visual acuity - try flatter base curve
  • Flat Lens - Large area of central touch - try steeper base curve until only light touch is seen


  Steep Fit


  Flat Fit

Edge Clearance Assessment

  • Excessive Edge Clearance - wider than 0.80mm - lens will have excessive movement - decrease edge lift
  • Inadequate Edge Clearance - less than 0.50mm - lens may have reduced movement - dark ring of peripheral touch will be evident - increase edge lift


  Good apical fit, but excessive edge clearance

Lens Location

  • If lens riding low - increase the total diameter
  • If lens riding high - decrease total diameter
Over-refration should be carried out and final lens ordered from Cantor & Nissel

A 26 Rigid KII lens fitting set is available*

Material Base Curve Range Diameter Range Power
RGP  4.90 to 7.40 8.70 Stock

* A registered account with Cantor & Nissel is required.

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