A high quality daily wear state of the art RGP lens with constant axial edge lift.


A great choice of RGP lens which keeps chair time to a minimum, benefiting both patient and optician.  Only 'K' readings and spectacle Rx are required as the computerised system will choose the optimum material for each specification allowing maximum comfort for all day wear.


  • Automatic material selection based on lens dimensions
  • Every lens has oxygen transmissibility which is at least the level required by the average patient for all day wear
  • Computer designed aspheric periphery
  • Constant axial edge lift


  • No fitting set required
  • Can be fitted with confidence using 'K' readings and spectacle Rx
  • Maximum comfort
Material contamac_400 f2_low_400 Focon III 2

 f2_mid_400 Focon III 3

 f2_high_400 Focon III 4
Material Colour (standard) Blue
Dk (barrers) III 2 - 28
III 3 - 50
III 4 - 100
Power Range -30.00D to +30.00D (0.25D Steps)
Higher powers may be available
Order Code Base Curve Total Diameter
M70 7.00 8.80 
M71 7.10  8.90  
M72 7.20 9.00 
M73 7.30 9.10 
M74 7.40 9.20 
M75 7.50 9.30 
M76 7.60 9.40 
M77 7.70 9.50 
M78 7.80 9.60 
M79 7.90 9.70 
M80 8.00 9.80 
M81 8.10 9.90 
M82 8.20 10.00 
M83 8.30 10.10 
M84 8.40 10.20 
M85 8.50 10.30 
M86 8.60 10.40 
M87 8.70 10.50 
  • Full refraction and eye examination
  • Keratometry Readings
  • For a spherical / near spherical cornea fit flattest 'K'
    Adjustments should be made according to toricity of the cornea
  • Power should be ordered as Best Vision Sphere, making necessary adjustments if lens has been steepened / flattened in relation to flattest 'K'
  • Instil fluorescein to check fitting



Alignment / Good Fit

  • Central position - lens periphery should not extend beyond limbal area
  • Smooth movement - lid lifts lens with blink, lens then falls slowly
  • Good vision
  • Central and mid-peripheral alignment
  • Good edge clearance (approx 0.40mm wide) 

Loose / Flat Fit

  • Excessive and rapid movement upon blink
  • Arcuate dropping between blinks
  • Lens is unstable and decentres
  • If lens drops may show inferior arcuate pooling
  • Central touch can be observed
  • Excessive edge clearance
  • May produce a +ve over refraction
  • Order steeper base curve

Tight / Steep Fit

  • Central position
  • Little movement with blink
  • Central pooling
  • Mid-peripheral touch
  • Thin band of edge clearance
  • May produce a -ve over refraction
  • Order flatter base curve


An 12 lens mertrO2 fitting set is available* 

Material Base Curve Range Diameter Range Power
RGP  M73 to M83  M73 to M83 -3.00

* A registered account with Cantor & Nissel is required.

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