Hydrolens Design

A high quality soft contact lens for daily wear.


This is a versatile lens available in a wide range of materials and parameters.  This lens is optimised to give the best oxygen transmissibility and handling characteristics.

Whether the patient requires a tint to enhance their eye colour, assist with handling or change their iris colour, our wide range of reactive dye tints are available on our Hydrolens designs in selected materials.

Please refer to our Pastel Tints sheets for available options.


  • Spherical blended bi-curve front surface
  • Spherical blended bi-curve back surface
  • Lathe cut
  • Visibility tints available
  • Available in a range of pastel tints
  • Opaque tints available in 67% material only


  • Large parameter range
  • A graduated aspheric lenticular zone ensures minimum thickness in any power
  • Every prescription optimised for handling characteristics and oxygen transmissibility
  • Computer controlled lathes ensuring excellent reproducibility
Recommended care system is Quattro multipurpose solution by Abatron. Hydrogen peroxide or other multipurpose systems can be used on these lenses.  Please refer to our Pastel Tints sheet for recommendations for tinted lenses.
Material contamac_400 Based on Rx
Water Content Based on Rx
Permeability (Dk) Based on Rx
Base Curve (mm) 6.60 to 10.40 (0.20 steps)
Diameter (mm) 11.00 to 20.00 (0.50 steps)
Available base curves and diameters are restricted by material.  Please refer to our Material Parameters sheet for available sizes
Power Range -30.00 to +30.00 (0.25D steps) Higher powers may be available
Centre Thickness Based on Rx
Available to order as: Hydrolens 38
Hydrolens GMA
Hydrolens 60
Hydrolens 67
Hydrolens SiH
Hydrolens 77

EV Aberration Controlled      
The Cantor & Nissel EV is an aberration controlled single vision enhancement that provides clear, sharp and consistent vision both near and far especially under adverse conditions of light and contrast.  hydrolens_spherical_image     with traditional spherical designs, light rays converge
hydrolens_spherical_ev_image     EV aberration controlled optics focus light better

  • Full refraction and eye examination
  • Keratometry
  • Select diameter required 2-3mm larger than HVID
  • Select Base Curve according to corneal curvature, but with a flattening differential relative to the diameter of the lens shown below:  
Lens Diameter Order Base Curve Flatter Than Flattest K By:
12.50mm 0.30mm - 0.40mm
13.00mm 0.40mm - 0.60mm
13.50mm 0.60mm - 0.80mm
14.00mm 0.80mm - 1.00mm
14.50mm & 15.00mm 1.00mm - 1.20mm
15.50mm and above 1.40mm - 1.60mm

Good Fit

  • Comfortable
  • Good centration with full coverage of limbus, even in upward gaze
  • Adequate smooth movement in all directions of gaze
  • Good recovery on push-up test
  • Carry out over-refraction and order exchange lens if required

Flat Fit

  • May give poor centration
  • May give unstable vision
  • Can cause discomfort
  • Try steeper base curve (If available)
  • Over-refraction

Steep Fit

  • Displays inadequate or no movement
  • Resists push up test with lower lid
  • Can cause blanching
  • Try flatter base curve (If available)
  • Over-refraction

There are no fitting sets for the Hydrolens range of lenses

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