EyeBrid SiH

A 6 monthly RGP lens with a soft skirt for both normal and Keratoconic eyes


A 6-monthly hybrid lens that boasts a high DK central RGP portion, along with a silicone hydrogel skirt, therefore allowing maximum oxygen transmissibility and comfort for both normal and Keratoconic eyes.



  • Unique diameter
  • Choice of standard or Keratoconus designs


  • High Dk RGP cente
  • Mid water content skirt
  • Choice of 3 available skirts
  Recomended care system is Quattro multipurpose solution by Abatron, other multipurpose solutions may cause adverse effects on the lens materials.  RGP solutions MUST NOT be used.
  Material contamac_400 optimum_extra_400Focon III 4
  Permeability (Dk) 100 x 10 -11
  Material (skirt)  definitiveFilconV 3
  Water Content 50%
  Permeability (Dk) 50 x 10 -11
  Base Curve of RGP area (mm) 4.00 to 10.00
(0.05mm steps)
  Diameter of RGP area (mm) 8.50
  Total Diameter of Lens (mm) 14.90
Power Range -25.00 to +25.00D (0.25D steps)

Available Designs
EyeBrid Large optic zone lens for normal corneas
EyeBrid Cone Small optic zone lens for Keratoconuc patients

Available Skirts Regular
  • Full refraction and eye examination
  • Keratometry
  • Select base curve of spherical RGP - (for spherical corneas fit on flattest K to achieve alignment fit)
  • Select power as best vision sphere
  • Order lens with standard skirt
  • Allow lens to settle for at least 30 minutes



Good Fit

  • Good centration
  • Smooth movement with blink (0.5 to 1.5mm)
  • Fluorescein penetrates tear layer between lens and cornea rapidly
  • Fluorescein shows alignment fit under RGP area with band of fluorescein at edge of RGP (1.5mm wide) EyeBrid
  • 3 point alignment with band of fluorescein at edge of RGP (1.5mm wide) EyeBrid Cone
Fluorescein pattern for an optimal fit


EyeBrid Cone

Flat Fit

  • Lens will be excessivley decentrated - Order steeper skirt
  • Excessive movement > .1.5mm - Order steeper skirt
  • Soft skirt flutes - Order steeper skirt
  • Fluorescein pattern may show central touch and/or excessive band of fluorescein at edge of RGP - Order steeper base curve

Steep Fit

  • Good centration
  • Very little movement with blink < 0.5mm - Order flatter skirt
  • Lens sticks to cornea - Order flatter skirt and flatter base curve
  • Central pooling under RGP - Order flatter base curve

Lens Removal

  • Use the upper and lower lids to lift the contact lens edge for removal, DO NOT use the pinch method

An EyeBrid 12 lens set is available* in both EyeBrid and EyeBrid Cone


Material Base Curve Range Diameter Power
RGP Only 6.20, 6.40, 6.60, 6.70, 6.80, 6.90
7.10, 7.20, 7.30, 7.40, 7.60, 7.80 
9.00 -3.00

EyeBrid Cone

Material Base Curve Range Diameter Power
RGP Only 5.50, 5.60, 5.70, 5.80, 5.90, 6.00
6.10, 6.20, 6.30, 6.40, 6.50, 6.60 
9.00 -3.00

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