Cantor & Nissel's First Email News Update

Cantor & Nissel have invested in new hardware and software, which has led to advances in technology.  Many of the labour intensive processes have been replaced by this technology, allowing us to reproduce these processes on our lathes at no extra cost.  To this end we have been able to remove some of the extras within our price list.

Removals from our Price List

Soft Lenses

    Extra High Power

    Flatter Radius

    Large Diameter Lenses

    Small Diameter Lenses

    Prism Ballast

    Steeper Radius

    Thicker Lenses

 Hard Lenses

    Extra High Power

    Increased Edge Lift (Only previously charged where applicable)

    Overall Size Reduction

We are also happy to announce the availability of online ordering for the following lenses.




    Cantor Prosthetics

    MetrO2 RGP

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